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Win  Chiropractic      July  2019  News

 Office News: We now have three excellent massage therapists here at all times. They specialize in deep tissue, sports, therapeutic and Swedish massage. Call our office and take advantage of our massage specials.  First time one hour massage for $40 with purchase of one of our packages.
It’s not that I have been lazy and not sent out a newsletter. I have had lots of computer issues but we are back on track now. First off, I was playing tennis last week and ruptured my Achilles tendon and am going in for surgery this week. The office will be open and we have a doctor close by that will see all of our patients. Just give the office a call and they can get you the number. I will be back at work on July 15 with a cast.
It's been two months so both girls are driving now and Sky just got her license. Sky drives like a grandma and Belle drives like me…a speed demon. We all have a cushion/booster seat so we can see over the dashboard…sort of.
As I am stuck wearing this boot til surgery, I have had a lot of free time to dig around. Look what I found in Belle’s back pack. This is the end of the year backpack and she had carrots that I had packed for her. Not sure why she had my weights though. I didn’t even ask, because I never believe any of her answers/excuses.
As far as cooking, girls are cooking more in the summer since I told them that I pay the bills so the least they can do for me is have a hot meal ready when I get home from work.  They are still so lazy though. I have to leave a list for them to do and I also have to put a deadline which reads “COMPLETED BEFORE I GET HOME!” Since the first time they thought they had all summer to finish. I had regular normal stuff on the list like clean window sills, clean baseboard, organize Tupperware, clean restroom, read a book, work on essay, 10 pull ups, 30 burpees, 20 push ups…They beg me every night, ‘Please don’t leave a list mom. We are on vacation.
Well, let’s just say it gets done but they both look miserable every night. I told them, “You better change that look on your face before that list gets longer.” The sign says, "You have two options for dinner: Take it or leave it."