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-The office will be closed December 25th and re-open on December 26th during regular office hours from 9AM-7PM. We will also be closed on January 1, 2018and open January 2, 2018 from 9AM -7PM.
                                                                          Hanging out with sea turtles at the Triple Crown surfing competition

I will keep this newsletter short since I finally came to the realization that you guys actually don't read most of your emails especially if it is more than two sentences and if it's from me.
We just came back from Hawaii a few weeks ago and I was able to check off another thing on my bucket list which was to watch a surfing competition. I am not sure why that was on my list considering I don't even swim let alone surf. But needless to say, it was awesome because we got to see some turtles sunbathing during the competition.
​We also did quite a bit of hiking. Hats off to all of you who hike, it is so tough. We were quite miserable the whole time hiking despite the reward/view was breathtaking. We hiked in 70 degrees and dry conditions but it was not as easy as all the older people that came down before us who had said it was not bad at all. We read the reviews and they all said easy and for beginners. So after reading the reviews for the ones that said "intermediate and difficult" we did not even bother. We like hiking on paved concrete and where it's not too steep and not a lot of bugs and branches in our way also. Regardless, we did enjoy every bit of it. We had great food and the best part was we did not do our hair,make up or shaved the whole time.
​The girls asked why we were doing so many hikes on this trip, and I told them, "Because it is FREE!" They said, "All we have done this whole time was do things that are on thearticle you have on your phone that says-"Things to do in Hawaii for $10 and under." Some of the things on the list were so cheap that we were laughing the whole time we were reading them but we did do them since it was $Free.99. The hardest part about hiking was of course we have never hiked so I only brought one bottle of water for all of us. On the way down, I asked if they could hold the bottle so I could have both hands to get down one of the steep parts. So I handed the bottle to Sky and all she had to do was throw it down to Belle since she went down first. Of course, Sky threw it to the side and Belle couldn't catch it and our one bottle of water rolled down the steep hill into the bushes and that's when I teared up a little bit. So that was also our last hike of the trip too.
​Despite being on vacation, we still ate pretty well, of course we ate more than usual since there were nothing but quaint local restarurants. One of our favorite things that we ate there was the Acai bowl, we had that almost every morning. We did have shaved ice cream and some other bad foods and girls did ask for doughnuts. Even though we were on vacation, that is always a NO. If I had to pick one food that I would not ever eat at all cost and is probably the #1 worst food on my would be DOUGHNUTS! I know I just names most of y'alls favorite food but sorry, it is really bad for you. I have not had a doughnut since high school but I did have some fries on my vacation so I started my usual Standard Process 21 Day Detox early this year, I normally do it in January. Let us know if you would like more information on this program. Our patients have had so many great results with this program, it is not easy by many means but I have always been about doing things the right healthy way. There are no short cuts to weight loss guys, and long lasting results is the name of the game.
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