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Win  Chiropractic      March 2018  News

​We have two new massage therapists that have joined our team and they specialize in deep tissue, therapeutic and sports massage. We have a new program called the Winning Touch Massage Program. Click on button below for details. 
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​The weather was so nice this morning that when I took girls to school I felt like singing. I don't know if it was me or the acoustics in the garage but my voice sounded pretty darn good. So I thought it was just me so I asked the girls, "I sound good right?" Of course they said , "No Mom, please stop singing and can we please just hurry and go to school?" I was not going to let this die because I was actually singing in the shower earlier and thought I sounded pretty good there too so that's why I kept it going in the garage. So after I dropped the girls off I went to the gym and when I left  there I started singing with my headphones on when I got in the car and I was shocked! I sounded terrible! I sounded like an animal in agony so I tried another song and it was still terrible. I mean, I didn't think I was good enough to try out for The Voice or American Idol or anything like that but singing with the headphones totally bummed me out because it turns out, the girls were right. To prove their point even further, they showed me this video that they secretly recorded me singing once :(. Click on button below and don't tell me.​
​​To make matters worse, my cooking has not gotten any better either. Like I said, it's good to me but no one else. One lesson that the girls have learned quickly is to never tell me that they like something I cooked. Why? Because they will be eating that dish for lunch and dinner for the next several months. It's very rare that they ever say anything good about my cooking but when they did that one time, I was so excited inside but didn't tell them since I always act tough and tell them "**if you don't like it then you cook then!**" They normally just go pour a bowl of cereal at that point. The good news is, they both have become better cooks out of necessity and survival. Belle does nothing but bakes sweets that I end up bringing up here to the office for you guys to eat. Sky started making me these green drinks that have kale, spinach, green apples, avocado and some fruit. The girls won't drink it but it tastes pretty good compared to some of the ones I make for myself
​One of the ingredients in the green drinks happens to be the healthiest fruit on earth – and one I recommend you to eat every single day – it's a yummy, ripe avocado. Avocados are fruits, but simply don’t have much in common with other fruits.
Instead of containing some (or a bunch of) sugar, they contain just a couple of grams of carbs, but that won’t really affect your blood sugar because these carbs are almost all fiber. Instead of leaving you hungry, they curb your hunger with their 77% fat content. 
They also last a long time when refrigerated. Make sure to keep them on the counter until they’re a bit soft, and then put them in the fridge. They will last at least another week and will keep their nice texture.
I love putting avocados in one of my three "requested" dishes, homemade ceviche.