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Win  Chiropractic      september  2018  News

​​We are happy to announce that we have three full-time massage therapists on our team so scheduling will be much easier for everyone. They all specialize in therapeutic,deep tissue and Swedish massages. Please feel free to call the office and ask about our massage specials. 
​Can you believe this is the **third time** someone has stolen my trash can? I came home and someone stole my new recycling bin. A few months ago, they stole my big trash can and before that, they stole my other recycling bin. I finally called the HOA and said please mention something in the neighborhood newsletter for people to quit stealing my trash cans! I told him "**HULK MAD**!" He said "I will get something out tomorrow so,  "**NO HULK SMASH other people's TRASH!"** Of course we drive around the whole neighborhood looking to see who has an extra trash can and two recycling bins but no one was dumb enough to do that because my plan was to ring the doorbell and confront them and get back my trash cans. 
​So of course the girls are trying to help out more since I am not very nice to anyone when people steal my stuff. I called and it costs like $78 to replace the trash can. So all I do now is wake up extra early and throw my trash in one of my neighbors bins since the girls won't do it since they  think it is so wrong and embarrassing. I told them we are not stealing anything, we are just making things easier for the trash man. 
​They immediately knew to come inside and clean their rooms, do their chores 
 and homework, and make me some food for me since those are the only things that can make me feel a little better. Belle even replaced the toilet seats since we broke two of them. I don't even know how it broke but it did. She said the first one took over an hour since we didn't have all the right tools but the second one took less than half that time. Of course, I go to sit down and the whole thing is moving so I had to tighten it a little bit.