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Win  Chiropractic      FEBRURARY 2018  News

​Can you believe we actually had a full week of school without any wearther issues?  We were so bored since we couldn't even play tetherball since the ball gets too hard when it's cold. We couldn't even play with our gymnast "Reggie" because his battery ran out so we put him in time out. 
​So when I get bored, I always make the girls clean. We cleaned the closets, junk drawers, garage, refridgerator and we even attempted to clean our sky light too. I know this might seem easy to you guys, but it was challenging for the **three stooges**. We first tried a big ladder and broom but was not able to reach it. Then we thought about Belle climbing on the ledge right above the  lights and could probably reach with the broom. But being the adult in the house, I decided that was not a good idea since those beams were probably for looks not for holding up a human being. Belle then looked down at her feet and the light bulb came on. She started **throwing her slippers up there and amazingly enough, IT WORKED**!!! She was able to aim and throw her teddy bear slippers dead on where the dust and webs were and nobody got hurt. Now, we didn't get it all but good enough since no one got hurt.   
​The girls have been very blessed and have not missed any school due to being sick. I do make them take their vitamins every day but one of my favorite daily remedies to do first thing in the morning  to jump start my metabolism and clean my system out is 8 ounce glass of water, squeeze in a full lemon, honey, and add a teaspoon of cayenne pepper. This drink has a kick but has been a favorite of mine. The girls won't drink this one tho. 
If you don't want to make that drink everyday, you can also do the Standard Process SP Cleanse pills which are very effective also.