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​I know this is very late for our monthly newsletter but I have a very good excuse...not reason. I have been very bad. I have been very busy watching a show on Netflix called "Breaking Bad." I finally finished all 5 seasons and finally have time to write this month's newsletter and to live life again. Netflix is so bad but at the same time, it is so good. I have been completely worthless for the past 3 weeks because I was hooked from the first episode. 
​As you can see, my mothering skills have been affected by this show also. The girls took advantage of me being glued to the TV and slacked off on their chores also. This is our laundry room the last week of the show. It never looks like this!
​I even left my nails on the counter. But you would think that if the girls saw this, they would at least throw it away right? No, they just made sure to remind me how disgusting I was and asked why some of those nails were so long and nasty. I just told them, not all of those are fingernails! Some are toe nails too. Do you know how many of their nails and socks that I have picked up and didn't take a picture of it to remind them of how disgusting they were. 
​So I am detoxing from TV.  The worst part about watching shows on Netflix was NO COMMERCIALS. So I didn't even bother cooking or going to the restroom or anything. I just had girls warm up some food for me or cook me some eggs and bring it on the couch for me. There is actually a butt imprint on the couch that fits mine perfectly. I finally understand some of you guys now. It was very addictive but disgusting and yet so satisfying. Anyways, I have started my 21 day detox and am back on my workout regime as a punishment to myself for behaving ever so badly the past three weeks. And Sky and Belle actually were trying to encourage me to start another show since they like it when I neglect them and leave them alone. I told them, "No more. I am going to get back in the race for Mother of the Year again." They said **in that case,** **please don't sing in the car every morning when our friends are in the car.** You already know my response, I will sing even louder next time.