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​Office hours We will  be open December 24th from 9am to 12pm for adjusments and massages. We will be closed December 25th and re-open on December 26th during our normal business hours. 
We have specials on massage packages if you need some ideas for Christmas presents. We have two full time massage therapists so we can better serve you. 
​ I love the Holidays! You know why? Because the **gyms are so empty.** I love working out when the gym is empty so I can blast my favorite songs like this one (My Jam)( I rememebr when I was younger, I used to lose weight if I just looked at a gym. Then in my 30s, I only had to work out a couple times a week and lose weight. Now in my 40s, I go to the gym 6x a week just to maintain my weight  so my girls don't call me muffin top.
​ I was making the girls bed the other day...YES! They are lazy again. They only made their bed  that one time when I wrote about it in the newsletter over 6 months ago. I saw this thing on Belle's bed. It's a croissant pillow that smells like a croissant that she bought with her own money a couple years ago. You know I would never pay money for that. But I actually smell it every time I make her bed because it smells so good. I told them I am not getting them anything this year, just like last year since they keep fighting.
​They fight over the dumbest things. As you know, I don't really stock anything in the fridge except for water and water.So they sometimes buy sports drink and as you can see, it is very precious to them. I let them get a 6 pack once in awhile so they get 3 each. Sky noticed that Belle had taken several sips from hers so they started fighting so I told Sky she needs to fight her own battles now because when she goes off to college, I won't be there to help her anymore. She said, "Mom! No one messes with me..Except Belle !" So she solved her problem by leaving this note on her sports drink , "Belle, don't drink this fool." It actually worked. Kind of...
​Belle loves to bake so how she got back at Sky was she baked all these cookies and if you look closely, there is more white chocolate chips than there are dough. She told Sky she couldn't touch those cookies.  I got tired of their bickering and drank Sky's drink and ate all of Belle's cookies (I actually brought it up here to the office for you guys to help me too.)
​ In the process of teaching them a lesson, I ate all those cookies and now have to cleanse again. Did you know that one of many nicknames is "Cookie Monster." We will be having a lecture in a few weeks on Detoxification for All. Some have different reasons including to just detox, weight loss, metabolically challenged, known toxin load, immune challenged and those on prescription meds. So we will discuss 6 different protocols to differentiate each case to get the best results.