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Office News: We will be open all next week for Spring Break.
It's official, the girls are grown up now. They both got their first income checks back. And once again, Belle is mad that Sky got more than her. Sky told her, "Be thankful Belle, that just means they took more out of my check throughout the year for Social Security and Medicare and taxes which I might not ever see again. " Belle got exactly $4.00 back and Sky got $68.00.
A lot of you guys have warned me about teenage girls and I got my first dose of it this past week. I have noticed that they always have to do #2 EVERY TIME I need them to do chores . It's almost like they can do it on demand. They know that is the one thing that I won't fact check them on too.

Personally, I always thought the hardest thing about being a parent was lack of sleep but a very close second was changing poopy diapers. I used to put like a bunch of newspapers under them and would use nothing less than a whole package of wipes. I hated those diaper genies too! You couldn't pay me enough to empty those out. Although I was grossed out, I knew how important it was for them to have regular bowel movements. So when they started kindergarten, the first thing I used to ask them was NOT, "Did you learn your ABC's at school today?" It was always, "Did you poop today?"So now, 15 years later, it has come back to haunt me. They k
I just don't understand why it takes them so long. I even have this remote that I automatically shut down the internet at night and when they poop but Sky said, "That doesn't stop Belle mom. We go on other networks and other hot spots." So the moral of this story should be having at LEAST one bowel movement a day. If not, my favorite product that has helped so many patients is a product from Mediherb called Colax. If you would like more information or to place an order, please let us know.