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Win  Chiropractic      April  2019  News

  I have encouraged many of you to use the foam roller when you can't get a massage and have also told my girls the same thing. Belle had mentioned that she really wanted to start using it to help her with all the soreness from soccer and look what this girl was doing with it at 11 pm. Sky and I were picking locks then heard a loud thump and laughter and this is what that girl was doing in  her room just to give her friends some laughs. Here is a video of her.
  Sky and I were busy learning how to pick locks. I was showing her my credit card trick and she was showing me her Q-tip trick. Both of our techniques work. Why were we doing this? Because we were bored and I just wanted to show her in case Belle ever locked her out of the bathroom again. Sky locked Belle out before and Belle tried to cast some Harry Potter spell on the door with her wand aka chopsticks that she painted dark brown. The two of them still fight but Sky never fights back physically and I have told Sky  many times to drop Belle just one time and that will teach her not to mess with you anymore. But Sky waited too long now, Belle is way stronger than her so I told her about the "stare."  Sky was like, " the Alex Bregman stare after a homerun? I said, " Girl! No! I had this stare way before that boy was even born."  Anyways, Belle's goal in life is to annoy Sky so I told Sky you either fight back or learn to ignore her. "I am not always going to be here to fight Belle for you so be thankful that Belle is preparing you for the real world" :) . Sky just stomps her feet and walks away and goes in her room. I will toughen that girl up some more and try to soften Belle up a bit too.