Win Chiropractic

Life Letters from our patients.....

"I was suffering with chronic neck and upper back pain along with chronic headaches that had gotten progressively worse. I had tried pain medications constantly and even other chiropractic care and massages but was not getting any results. I noticed consistent improvements within a few weeks. I was excited to have more energy and better posture. My horse trainer even told me how my improvements was having a positive effect on the horse also." Stephanie Dubiki
"I was referred to Win Chiropractic by a co-worker because I was suffering of neck pain and was lacking energy and had poor sleeping habits. I can say that everything is great and improved. I have more energy now and lost over 13 pounds in several weeks and all my belt and clothes are loose . I highly reccommend this office." B. Davis
" I was a complete mess when I first walked in this office. I was tired, depressed, my back hurt so bad it even hurt to breathe and didn't even feel like myself and I have been feeling like this for over 16 years. I honestly did not like doctors at all but was so desperate. I could tell from the beginning how much Dr. Nguyen cared so I decided to do everything she told me to because I really was not in any position to argue...I was at the end of my rope. She did not let up on me and I am so thankful for that. I lost 16 pounds and 13.5 inches and my energy level is high. My whole life has changed because I finally felt normal again after 16 years."Lynette Qishawi
"Let me start off by saying that I can not live without Dr. Nguyen. She has helped me in so many ways. I had high blood pressure and cholesterol, anxiety and just felt bad all the time. I knew I wanted to get better but did not know where to start and Doc didn't push me, she just waited until I was ready and came to her. I felt better immediately but took several months of me being stubborn and finally listening to her before my blood pressure dropped from 148/101 to 118/78 in just several weeks. I went to see my MD and he was thrilled with my blood work and results since i had lost over 19 pounds and didn't suffer with anxiety much and had more energy and no more high blood pressure and the best part was my aches and pain were better. Dr. Nguyen truly cares about her patients and gave me a lot of hope of getting my health and life back." C. Trevino
"I just wanted to get off to a fresh start because I was feeling heavy, bloated, and toxic. I did the program that Dr. Nguyen recommended and felt fantastic. I have so much energy and have recommended a lot of people to see her." Meredith Burg
"I was referred to Dr. Nguyen by a friend and she is so genuine and real. I was very depressed, fatigued, overweight, and felt very foggy all the time. It took me awhile to convince myself to do as she had suggested but it sure paid off. I lost weight, had more energy, clearer thinking and most of all...NO MORE DEPRESSION! Doc teaches about total health and healing which was a positive way for me to start training myself to take care of my body." Angela Guillot