August 2023
I have been fighting the whole pickle ball craze for several years now. I ruptured my Achilles tendon a few years ago and have been itching to pick up a sport. As soon as I played my first game of pickle ball several weeks ago, I was hooked. Belle also picked it up. We finally got Sky to try a sport and she did very well and doesn't like to sweat but she said she would play again.
This was my baby on her first day of work. 
I am so happy that she is working but I have been so hungry since she started. She used to cook my breakfast, pack my lunch and have dinner ready for me as soon as I got home. She said she doesn't feel like cooking after work. Can you imagine what it will be like if she has a family. 
I have some great news! Sky got her first real job and started it this week. This brought me back to her first day of kindergarten when she looked at me smiled and got on the school bus. Look at Belle in the background. 
Her backpack was bigger than her and I wasn't sure if she could even get on the steps without my help, 
I have been starving the past 4 days and sure enough, I lost 6 pounds. I still have a gut and still hungry. Guess I will go back to eating eggs and rice and cereal.