Win Chiropractic
September  2022
Belle is all settled in at her dorm in Chicago.  She ended up not having a roommate so she has the whole room to herself. She won't have any crazy roommate stories to tell like some of us. She still shares bathroom with suite mates and they have left plenty of nasty stuff in there for her to have enough stories even without a roommate.
   As you can see, she keeps this room way cleaner than she did at home. I was very happy to see that she got a trampoline. I thought it was for exercising but it's actually so she can just jump on her bed quicker.

Sky is all moved in also in Malibu. Belle is in the middle of the city and Sky is in the canyons and  the beach. I had asked both of them to buy mace and got them a flashlight, candles and matches and some basic stuff like hammer and screwdrivers just in case and also for  protection.
Sky has a roommate and they are both homebodies. Her roommate eats lean cuisine, pasta and chicken nuggets.  Sky cooks all the time, which we know she did not get from me and still working out. We will be going to visit Belle in a few weeks before it gets too cold. Maybe we can catch a Cubs game.