Win Chiropractic
June  2020
 It's official, I am old. Sky is graduating this Friday and heading off to college in a few months. Belle is already claiming her room but Sky was like, I might be here in town first semester Belle and I am coming home for the holidays too so don't even.

Belle just likes to use Sky's restroom when she runs out of toilet paper and too lazy to replace it. She is saying she can't wait for Sky to leave but that would mean her and  I will be fighting like cats and dogs. Sky was actually the adult in this family. I only paid the bills.

We finally got her senior pictures back. She still looks like she is 12 years old to me. Belle said, " Mom, have you noticed that Sky has been more reckless with her driving lately? She is speeding more and making really sharp turns now?" I was like, " This is coming from a girl that peels out of dirt roads in my minivan and who acts like her mom is not a chiropractor since you never turn your neck when you change lanes?"
I know some of you have been with me when Sky was in my tummy so time has flown by and now my girl is ready to leave the nest. She is worried about Belle and I but said she knows we will be calling and texting her all the time since she does do all the grocery shopping, she even helps me with my taxes, books all of our trips and remembers our passwords. She said she won't miss our bunny Mochi though.