Win Chiropractic
July  2020
  Please welcome our new massage therapist Gayle. She joined us several weeks ago and offers cupping, hot stones, myofascial release. She is here Monday-Thursday.  
The girls went to Michigan for 10 days to go on vacation and left me with Mochi. He actually got very close to me. He was following me around everywhere. He even plops down next to my feet whenever I am on the can. My favorite thing to do when it's all quiet and I just let one rip and it startles the crap out of Mochi and he jumps up. That give me a lot of joy and cracks me up.
I even took a chair out of my minivan and put it next to my bed so he can chill out while I work out. He even jumps with me when I do some of my burpees and lateral hops.
I was doing great until Day 6,  we ended up in the bunny ER until midnight and didn't get home until 1 AM. Did you guys know they had 24 hr ER for bunnies? I used to love the fact that I could make fun of people since I didn't have a pet...but now I am one of you guys. UGH!!! Mochi wasn't  running around or jumping or playing, or eating,drinking nor pooping.  You know your life is bad when you are digging in his litter box full of hay looking for tiny poop pellets. In a bunny's world, that means 911!
 I completely panicked. I didn't want a dead bunny on my watch so  I drove him straight  to the emergency room and after 2.5 hours we left with some pain medication and anti-inflammatory and "911 bunny food."  And of course a $400 bill.  I had to mix the ER bunny food mix and feed him with a syringe and even he hates my cooking. He kept shaking his head and kept running away and  I got all the food. Now I can't even tell people that bunnies are cheap and only cost $2 month like that lady that told us that when we were there at the bunny farm shopping.  I know this is evil, but I really thought about going to the bunny farm and getting another white bunny for $60 and hope Belle wouldn't notice. Well, no one really knows what happened except for he might have eaten that lotion bottle or I might have maybe fed him the wrong hay and constipated him.

But the good news is, Mochi is doing great and Belle thinks I am the best mom ever and of course she paid me back the $400 from her life savings. Can you believe she had the nerve to ask me if we could get another bunny? I told her only if you give me $800 deposit. :)