Win Chiropractic
March 2020
Not sure about you guys but my kids are bored. They are actually looking forward to the list of chores that I leave them before I go to work. By the way, we are open but we are spacing the appointments out so not all of you guys are here at the same time. They have the baseboards, window sills, bathroom, dusting, kitchen counter top, floors and of course their bedrooms cleaned and we still have a month left to go...UGH!!! We are taking all the screens out and cleaning all the windows this weekend and washing our cars and then we will meal prep for the week. Then we will still have 4 more weeks to go. One of their chores is to cook for me since I pay the bills. 

We are doing some workouts at home but it's pretty useless since I can not get motivated working out at home. I think I put on 3 pounds in a week. So I am just going to take this time to detox again. That seems to be the only way I can maintain my weight if I can not get a great workout in. I did that all through my Achilles rupture recovery. They found these jeans and told me to get these.
I know you guys have a lot of questions and concerns and my advice to everyone is....LISTEN TO THE EXPERTS.  The biggest concern right now is to contain this virus. Now, I have been go the grocery store and I still see an abundance of fruit and veggies and my almond milk but all the pastas and frozen food are gone. Please don't be like my girls and think this is a time to eat junk food. The best advice I can give you is boost your immune system. How do you do that?
1. Get proper sleep, this is  when your body heals.
2. Get some exercise. I don't care if you do it inside your house or go in your backyard and do it. Just don't make any excuses. This was how empty the gym was before the lock down even went into effect. 

3. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables. Try to eat between 10am-6pm. Fast from 6pm to 10AM. This is called Restricted Time Eating 16:8 it is very doable and very effective. This is the fullest that our fridge has been.
4. Don't stress too much. Take this time to meditate, read a book or just play some board games with your family.
5. I am also loading up on my vitamins to boost my immune system. If you are interested in my protocol, just ask me.  
6. Of course, practice proper hygiene. But that should be ALL the time, not just now :)