Win Chiropractic
January 2021
Sky is stuck at home with us for another semester for college since her school is still not letting anyone on campus. I love having her at home and she has never complained but hopefully she will get to go sometime this year. It is the usual for Belle, soccer season has started and she scored her first goal as a varsity player and wanted to be rewarded a meal at  Nobu just  for that. I said, " I don't think so. If it was the goal that got your team to state champions then we can talk then." So she had to just eat my cooking. 
For those of you who know me pretty well know that I used to love watching murder shows not because I am trying to learn how to get away with things but because I am just fascinated with the psychology of it all. One of the oldest debate in psychology is nature vs nurture or genetics vs environment. I will put all that to rest now when I tell you about Mochi. 
We have had Mochi for almost 9 months and this was the first time that he has been outside. The first thing he did was tried to run back in the house so we made him go back outside. He then would not stop cleaning himself as soon as his feet touched the grass.  We barely were able to capture this picture of him. We thought he would go crazy like when someone first gets out of prison they would be running around, soaking up the sun and jumping around all over the place. No, not Mochi. He acted like he was too good for the outdoors. So he ran inside the house and hid under Belle's bed the rest of the time. We will be taking him out again very soon. So there it is, nurture over nature :)
The reason we were outside was we were planting a garden for us but mainly for Mochi also. We got some lettuce, bok choy, spinach, arugula and some herbs so let's see how it will do.  Belle has been buying Mochi all organic foods so I told let's just plant him some food then and we will throw all his poop in here also as fertilizer.
The truth is, environment really does play a much bigger role in your health than genetics. We would love to blame everything on our parents but the truth is, you guys have way more control of your health. I never said it was easy but when has blaming our own faults on ourselves been easy. The only thing I can tell you guys that has worked for me every single time is the Standard Process Purification Program if you don't want to grow a garden.  It covers all your systems and my favorite part is not having to count calories. Feel free to call our office if you have any further questions.