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August 2020
  Sky w
as supposed to head off and go to college in Malibu two weeks ago but they are not allowing anyone on campus so we turned the front office into her "dorm" room. She loves it and says the only thing she doesn't like is her roommates :) ...which is Belle and I. She won't be able to come back til February of 2021. 
Belle took this opportunity to decorate her room also and as you can see, they are so different.  I think Belle does all this so she can look cool when she does all her stupid dances. 
Last but not is an update on my third roommate,  Mochi. He was getting so out of control.  I guess puberty kicked in and he was out of control. Belle was going to bed with towels on her head and even skiing helmets because Mochi's hormones were raging. So the towels and helmets stopped working so he started humping elbows and knees and any stuff animals we had. He even jumped on my little niece head when she was petting him. That was where he crossed the line. We immediately called the vet and begged for  an appointment to get him neutered. I felt so bad for him and would not let the vet do it 3 months ago but we could not handle this boy. So we go it done a couple of weeks ago and  he is my sweet Mochi again.