Life Letters from our patients.....

"Let me start off by saying that I can not live without Dr. Nguyen. She has helped me in so many ways. I had high blood pressure and cholesterol, anxiety and just felt bad all the time. I knew I wanted to get better but did not know where to start and Doc didn't push me, she just waited until I was ready and came to her. I felt better immediately but took several months of me being stubborn and finally listening to her before my blood pressure dropped from 148/101 to 118/78 in just several weeks. I went to see my MD and he was thrilled with my blood work and results since i had lost over 19 pounds and didn't suffer with anxiety much and had more energy and no more high blood pressure and the best part was my aches and pain were better. Dr. Nguyen truly cares about her patients and gave me a lot of hope of getting my health and life back." C. Trevino
"I was referred to Win Chiropractic by a co-worker because I was suffering of neck pain and was lacking energy and had poor sleeping habits. I can say that everything is great and improved. I have more energy now and lost over 13 pounds in several weeks and all my belt and clothes are loose . I highly reccommend this office." B. Davis

"I was referred to Dr. Nguyen by a friend of mine who had wonderful results and kept her good habits even years later. I wanted to get a good jumpstart to a healthy lifestyle because I felt bloated, heavy, lethargic, and lacked motivation." After a few weeks I lost weight, clothes fit better and loser and increased energy." Feel free to contact me at if you have questions.
"My dad and I went to see Dr. Nguyen together because I wanted to get ready for my quinceanera. My dad and I love food and we craved everything. Dr. Nguyen explained that we wouldn't be starving but in actuality will be very full. I lost 13 pounds and am so happy and not so tired all the time. My dad did awesome also. Feel free to contact us at"
"I was referred to Dr. Nguyen by my husband because I had severe back pain and also wanted to lose some weight. My weight kept creeping up since high school. Dr. Nguyen helped me with my back in just a few visits and I now feel great and lost weight and will be happy to share my experience if you have questions."
"I came to see Dr. Nguyen because she really helped my husband with his neck and back. I had a lot of headaches and haven't lost any of my baby weight and I was tired all the time. I was so surprised that after just a week my headaches went away and the additional benefit was I lost some weight also."
" I was referred to Dr. Nguyen by a family member because I had been suffering with severe headaches and neck pain for over 15 years. I had every test done and seen all doctors but my headaches were getting worse. Dr. Nguyen spent alot of time to figure out the cause. After a short time, my headaches got better and my neck and back also and I had lost 10 pounds and haven't gained back a single pound."

" I was a complete mess when I first walked in this office. I was tired, depressed, my back hurt so bad it even hurt to breathe and didn't feel like myself and had been feeling like this for over 16 years. I honestly did not like doctors at all but was so desperate. I could tell from the begining how much Dr. Nguyen cared so I decided to do everything she told me to because I really was not in any position to argue...I was at the end of my rope. She did not let up on me and I am so thankful for that. I lost 16 pounds and 13.5 inches and my energy level is so high. My whole life has changed because I finally felt normal again after 16 years." Lynette Qishawi
" I was suffering with chronic neck and upper back pain along with chronic headaches that had gotten progressively worse. I had tried pains meds constantly, other chiropractic care and massages but was not getting any results. I noticed consistent improvements withing a few weeks. I was excited to also have more energy and better posture. My horse trainer even told me how my improvements was having a positive affect on the horse also." Stephanie Dubiki
"I was referred to Dr. Nguyen through a friend and she is so genuine and real. I was very depressed, fatigued, overweight, and felt was very foggy all the time. It took me awhile to convince myself to do as she had suggested but it sure paid off. I lost weight, more energy, clearer thinking and most of all...NO MORE DEPRESSION! She teaches about total health and healing and it was a positve way for me to start training myself to take care of my body." Angela Guillot
" I was having a lot of back and neck pain along with feeling tired all the time and had a really hard time losing weight. I fought her recommendations frequently in the beginning but anyone who knows Doc knows she is very passionate about what she does and she was not going to let me off that easy. When I did decide to listen, my back and neck improved tremendously and my clothes are loser and am still losing some weight although I still have my struggles. This is a very friendly and professional office that always makes me feel welcome." Sandra Hamilton
"I met Dr. Nguyen at a health lecture that she did at our company. I was very skeptical because I had heard and tried many different things and nothing really worked. But for some reason, what Dr. Nguyen had to say that day just made a lot of sense to me. I was like many others was tired and overweight and saw that things were not getting any better through the years. I came in to see Dr. Nguyen and was so happy that I did. I lost 18 pounds in three weeks and although it was not easy..I had to make some big changes but I feel great! Am trying to get my wife on board now." James Cale
"I wanted to just get off to a fresh start because I was feeling very heavy, bloated and toxic. I did the program that Dr. Nguyen recommended and felt fantastic. I have so much more energy and have recommended a lot of people to see her." Meredith Burg
"I had suffered from numbness in my thigh and lower back and hip that hurt so bad that I could not even do something as simple as tie my shoes. I had abused my body throughout the years since I used to rodeo and was very involved in competitive gymnastics. I had suffered with these problems on and off for about 20 years and tried lots of other treatments. I am now able to do anything I want to and have more flexibility and better range of motion. I am pain-free, and a happy camper, walking and jogging is back in and my foot pain has also stopped. What I love most about the office is everyone is cheerful and nice and my friends have said that I am not as grumpy." Ed Landry
"I am an 81 year old lady and felt like I was 100 years old even though mentally I felt like a 30 year old. I have arthritis, diabetes, weight, heart, low back, and hip problems and had a long list of medications that I brought in when I first saw Dr. Nguyen. From the very first visit, I fell in love with her because she was the first doctor that cared, listened and didn't tell me that all my symptoms were due to my age. I was referred by a family member so was not surprised by how straightforward she was when it came to what she could and couldn't help me with. But to my surprise, I got my life back. She put me on a program specific to me and now I feel fantastic. She made me give up coffee and sweets and I lost weight and the swelling has gone down tremendously in my legs." Ofelia Hernandez
"I had severe sinus problems along with constant headaches and dizziness. I had pretty much suffered with this my whole life. I also suffered from carpal tunnel and had numbness and tingling all the way down to my little toes. I had been to different doctors and tried all types of sprays and medications but they all stopped working at the end of February. In desperation, I went to see Dr. Nguyen and within the first visit, I was able to move my toes, finally feel my pinky fingers and I could see better and even think better and of course I can finally breath through my nose. Doc is a very kind and caring person even though you wouldn't know that by how tough she is with some of her patients. She will tell you like it is and does not sugar coat anything, but that's why I keep coming back." Larry Bonds
"I had suffered with several bulging herniated discs at the base of my neck. I have known Dr. Trang for a long time and she has taken care of my entire family. So when the other doctors told me that I needed surgery, I immediately went to see her. I told her that I was in severe pain, tired, and mostly tired of being two people. She assured me that her program would help me heal from the inside out. It's been a little over 3 weeks and I have lost over 16 pounds and fit into a pair of jeans that I had not been able to fit into for 2 years. This was a big eye opener for me because Doc held me accountable and was very very tough on me but I know it is because she really cares." Melanie Hornak
" I was referred to Dr. Nguyen by a friend because I felt like my weight was out of control and just wanted to feel better. I was tired and did not have energy and had no motivation to exercise. After doing exactly what Dr. Nguyen suggested, I lost 15 pounds and my clothes fit me better and I highly recommend this office to everyone no matter what size, shape, or age. I feel great!" Elyse Deleon